Rick Freeman



I can't believe it has been nearly 3 months

Time continues to fly by.  We can finally see the end of our stay here in Rochester VT.  Here are a few pictures and commentary to bring you up to date:



This is a panorama of what I see most mornings, when I let the dogs out

The same view on a sunny afternoon

We take an hour walk most mornings, this is a view over a field where we typically turn around


Lake Pliead

A fairly short hike South on Long Trail from Middlebury Gap on VT Hwy 125.  We caught a beautiful day just before the leaves started to change

After Golf

Yes there are day's when we do not hike...  Catherine paints, I play a quick 9 holes of golf.  Then enjoying the summer with an adult beverage.

Well all Autumn beauty eventually turns into Winter wonder. Did I mention that we do not really want to live where it is cold!

Looks like it is time to put on multiple layers and make the best of it until it is time to move South!

Boy are we lucky!  This is the house we have had all to ourselves for the entire stay.  We even let the owners come up on the weekend!


This is the house we hope to close in about a month.  We looked at nearly 260 online houses, drove to 12 and went into 6 when we finally went and met our real estate agent face to face.  This is the winner!

We are both seriously ready to settle into a neighborhood and move on to what comes next!