Rick Freeman


Rick Freeman

Executive on Sabbatical

Welcome.  This information will give you insight into what I am doing right now and what I have accomplished previously in my career.

Leadership Background

I was named GE Current GM Intelligent Cities in 2015.  I leveraged my success in Intelligent Devices to imaging and launch a new business that delivers SaaS value to cities during LED upgrades with Intelligent Light Fixtures.  These fixtures contain sophisticated computing and sensors which send events and date to GE Predix.  Applications include parking & traffic optimization, public safety and environmental monitoring.


I joined GE Lighting in 2012 as the General Manager of Intelligent Devices.  I was responsible for all of GE Lighting’s professional products that leverage control, networks, software and analytics. I then used this technology to drive new services/software business models.  GE Lighting’s LightGrid outdoor lighting control system was the first product in my portfolio.


I joined GE Healthcare in 2001.  I led Software and Systems Technology for the GE Healthcare Service Technology division through 2004.  During this role I released several remote diagnostic software products to improve field engineering and customer efficiency.  Customer’s benefited from the first Web-based applications for managing their service contracts and assets.  In 2004, I was appointed Global Software Engineering Manager for GE Healthcare Magnetic Resonance products.  I led software teams in the US, India, China and Japan in the development of High-Definition MR.


In 2007, I was appointed Chief Technology Officer for GE Intelligent Platforms (formerly GE-Fanuc).  In this role, I led engineering teams at 11 global locations, developing and manufacturing new industrial control hardware, firmware and software products.  Additionally I led a transition of industrial computing and communication systems into a single technology offering.


Prior to my career in GE, I was CTO of a home-health care start-up company, and held leadership and engineering positions with Siemens Medical Systems, Hewlett Packard and Honeywell.


I attended Northwestern University, graduating with B.S. In Electrical Engineering.