Rick Freeman


Rick Freeman

Executive on Sabbatical

Welcome.  This information will give you insight into what I am doing right now and what I have accomplished previously in my career.


On Sabatical, Destination: Variable

Enjoying Life: Travelling,Hiking, Golf, ...  Especially no deadlines

After 15 years with GE and much longer in the industry, it was finally time to focus on myself and family.  At this point, technology is a hobby, not a driving passion that keeps me up day and night.

I am enjoying the concept of sleeping in if I feel like it.  I can actually stay up and watch sports or a movie late at night because I do not have any 6:00 AM conference calls or meetings.

This summer we are staying in Vermont.  Just down the road is a 9-hole golf course.  Practically every day that was pleasant, I just went and played 9 holes!  Never possible with the business critical roles that I had in my career.

It has been 3 months and while I miss all the amazing people that I spent many hours with, I am still comfortable with this life.

Will I stay out of "the mix"?  Who can predict the future?  There are many places to see, new people to meet and a new home to establish.

Stay tuned!