Rick Freeman


Rick Freeman

Business and Technology Executive

Welcome to my web site.  The information you will find here will give you insight into what I am doing in Life and Technology


Current Technology Leadership Role



Medical Product Software, Controls, Wireless, Systems

I have led technology teams in fortune 500 companies and start ups.


On Sabbatical

Former General Manager

Intelligent Cities

Current, powered by GE


Technology & Leadership

Currently on Sabbatical

I have had a high performing leadership career as a General Manager and Technology Executive of progressive start-ups as well as large companies. Consistently delivered growth enabling innovative customer driven products and services.  Combined curiosity, technology depth and passion helping customers achieve extraordinary success with a 20+ year exemplary track record of multi-million dollar new product revenue. Inventive, decisive and inclusive. Highly valued for creating high performing teams, establishing lasting peer respect.  Accomplished this through global teams that had local identities, compelling focus, energy and customer centricity.  Created loyalty through walking the talk and open willingness to take risks, reward success and learn from failure




From industrial rugged computers to adopting high speed silicon yet to be released, the challenge to delivering customer value is constant